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Digital Strategy Consulting


Today, every organization needs a digital presence. But no organization uses digital communications in exactly the same way. Some need a website that offers a full suite of resources, while others want a simple platform to showcase their work. Some want a regular social media presence that builds out their reputation as a thought leader, while others want a specific campaign that generates actionable leads. Email campaigns can be a targeted tool to promote events and generate sales, or a frequently-used channel to build and maintain a brand.

We have experience building a top-to-bottom digital presence for all kinds of organizations and individuals: from medical practices and academic departments, to membership organizations and non-profits, to individual academics and authors. We can help you find the digital mix that will work perfectly for you. 

Website Design & Management


Whether it's building a website from scratch, transitioning an existing site to a new platform, or relaunching an aged or dated site with a new look and feel, we've done it. With proven content strategy and management experience, Concord Bridge won't leave you high and dry once the site is launched - we provide regular content management services that will keep your site up to date and in line with your changing expectations and needs.

Social Media Management


Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Snapchat. Social media gives us spaces where firms, organizations, and individuals can communicate directly with the audiences they want to reach. We can help you find the social media channels that will work best for you, and then create a distinctive presence there that helps you accomplish your goals. 

Email Design & Management


Of all the digital channels, email's been around the longest. We all have a love/hate relationship with email. But in many cases, nothing can beat the directness of an email. A well-done email campaign can help you stay connected with existing clients, customers, and members, as well as generate leads that can expand your customer base, add a new client, or increase the size of your membership. From campaign planning, to email design, to follow-up and list maintenance, we can help you out every step of the way.